Orians Development

Submitted by ajorians on Sat, 10/03/2020 - 08:50

Here are some of the resources here at development.orians.org.

teamcity.orians.org - Login required (has guest account).  Instance of continuous integration running a JetBrains TeamCity

github.com/ajorians - Repositories of source code hosted on GitHub

compilerexplorer.orians.org - Test code samples online.  Instance of Compiler-Explorer

nextcloud.orians.org - Login required.  Notes, files and more.  Instance of NextCloud

gogs.orians.org - Login required.  Mirror of GitHub repos.  Instance of Gogs

notes.orians.org - Note writing place.  Instance of Codimd

kanboard.orians.org - Login required.  Project management boards.  Instance of Kanboard